• Rs.35,000.00

    Get organized in style with Lunar Furniture’s Office Table! Featuring sleek designs, modern lines, and luxurious materials, our office tables are perfect for adding sophistication and comfort to any workspace. Whether you’re looking for a simple desk for writing or a full-fledged office setup,

  • Rs.14,500.00 Rs.20,000.00

    Open Study Desk It is the right and factual study table or study desk like the open study desk that fits cozily with your needs and perfectly matches your desires for a comfortable and long-lasting office study desk, A and enhances the corners and curves of your office room or study room.

  • Rs.32,000.00

    Looking for a conference table that is flexible and multi-functional? Look no further! The Flip Top Conference Table brings all the convenience of a conference table with the added bonus of portability. With its easy-to-use flip top design, it can be quickly and easily transformed from a flat surface to a fully functional conference table, making it the perfect addition to any office space. Get ready to make your meetings more convenient and effective with the Flip Top Conference Table!

  • Rs.25,000.00

    Lunar Laptop Table designing of the laptop table is greatly fascinating and stylish that is good for people of all ages. The laptop table is prepared with excellent quality wooden material and the color combination is eye catching and very appealing laptop table.

  • Rs.37,500.00 Rs.45,000.00

    Zigzag Study Metal Table  is a very Compact style desk and it is the best and the ideal solution for our office Décor, office interior, and for your home and study. The sturdy metal table Zig Zag is specially designed to make the most efficient and resourceful use of space.

  • Rs.16,000.00 Rs.20,000.00

    Lunar furniture is a fascinating furniture brand in Karachi. We have manufactured great rounds of office furniture. We feel delighted and proud to announce the new study table of metal table flower manufacture on the demand of our great respected customers.