• Rs.15,000.00 Rs.20,000.00

    With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials chair, you’ll be sure to have a chair that will last for years to come! Make your living room the most comfortable space it can be with Lunar relaxing pro visiting chair.

  • Rs.5,500.00 Rs.7,000.00

    Easy Folding Chair Want to have the best and one-of-a-kind foldable chairs? Add a touch of class and lavishness to your lifestyle by bringing these Easy relaxing folding chairs to your home. They can revolve around easily and are really comfortable sitting.   Product Description: Model: Namaz Chair Color Type: Black & BrownWeight: 4KGHight: 31"Back Length: 7" Back Width: 15"Seat Lenght: 12"Seat Width: 15"Gas Lift: -Metal FramHigh-Quality MachineHigh-Quality WheelBase-Cap

  • Rs.14,500.00 Rs.15,000.00

    Get ready to take your workspace comfort to the next level! Give your guests a warm welcome with Lunar Furniture’s Office Comfortable Guest Chair. Product  Description: Model: LR-68Color Type: Black & BrownWeight: 13.5KGBack Length: 40" Back Width: 22"Seat Lenght: 18"Seat Width: 21"Back: 18.5Gas Lift: -Metal ArmMetal BaseHigh-Quality MachineHigh-Quality WheelBase-Cap  

  • Rs.16,000.00 Rs.20,000.00

    Comfort is king. Enjoy the plush seating experience with premium materials that won’t wear and tear easily. Forget uncomfortable office chairs. This ergonomic masterpiece supports your body and provides optimum comfort for all-day use.

  • Rs.12,000.00 Rs.13,000.00

    The waiting chair comes in handy, provides comfort to visitors, and provides exceptional coziness. Product Description  Model: LR-7CColor Type: Black & BrownWeight: 5/6KGHeight: 33"Back Length: 18" Back Width: 10"Seat Lenght: 22"Seat Width: 17"Gas Lift: -Metal Fram Metal BaseHigh-Quality MachineHigh-Quality WheelBase-Cap

  • Rs.14,000.00 Rs.20,000.00

    Working from home? Make sure your chair has the comfort and support you need with Office Chair Visitor. This rotating chair is designed to contour to your body, reducing fatigue and improving posture. Get ready to spin your way to productive days with Office Chair Visitor.