• Rs.55,000.00 Rs.60,000.00

    Get ready to work in style with New Design’s office tables. Our contemporary designs are perfect for commercial offices and home offices, giving you a professional look & feel. 

  • Rs.49,900.00

    Slick office desk A This is are far most amazing design. Having attractive furniture like this for office is significant to make good impression over clients and another visitor. Moreover, it will glam up your office space like anything. If you have plain interior then just try this table desk.

  • Rs.75,000.00 Rs.80,000.00

    L-Shaped Executive Desk L-Shaped Executive Desk is a table desk that is suitable for both home and office use. It is extremely beautiful and looks phenomenal. It will give a modern and stylish look. The price is quite affordable. The shape of the desk is unique which makes it more spacious than a traditional rectangular desk.  

  • Rs.57,000.00 Rs.60,000.00

    Ready to give your office style a boost? Get the Best  Office Table from Lunar Furniture. Built with solid wood for maximum strength and durability, this office table comes with a modern design that will make any workplace look great. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it ideal for long hours at the office. So why wait? Get your Best  Office Table today and upgrade your workspace.  

  • Rs.57,000.00 Rs.60,000.00

    The L-shaped contemporary office table is undoubtedly the best computer desk for an office setting as it can easily be placed in any office layout, the table having perfect shape and dimension. Good space The L-shaped office desk provides good space not only from the top but also from the bottom side.

  • Rs.59,000.00 Rs.65,000.00

    Office furniture and office L-shaped classical table does not only provide a working space to the employees but also gives a sense of peace, stability, and safety to the employee