• Rs.8,000.00 Rs.10,000.00

    Lunar’s Comfortable office sofa is the best choice for office waiting area furniture; Whenever a person entered an office the ambiance and the interior design of the office attract the visitor the most.

  • Rs.36,000.00 Rs.45,000.00

    Office Sofa Set -Lunar furniture is the most trusted furniture brand in Karachi. Lunar furniture has always maintained its furniture quality and drafts its products in spectacular mode. We plotted this amazing waiting area sofa set 15, for the office interior.

  • Rs.46,000.00 Rs.60,000.00

    Lunar furniture is the topmost office furniture brand in Karachi. We manufacture superior quality furniture for our customers. The most attractive thing when a person visits an office is its interior. We strive to embellish its interior with the greatest furniture. The furniture we manufacture is always functional and compatible with your office needs. Recently we added another piece of furniture to our long list of furniture. This extraordinary sofa is spacious and well-made.

  • Rs.46,000.00 Rs.55,000.00

    No more cluttered desks and scattered paperwork! Office Workstation Per Person is here to help you get organized. With a variety of storage options, you can stay on top of your work and create more efficient processes. Upgrade your workspace with Office Workstation Per Person today.

  • Rs.46,000.00 Rs.55,000.00

    Working from home can be tiring, so why not make it more comfortable with Musing Office Sofa? This stylish and comfortable sofa is perfect for your home office, giving you the perfect spot to relax and focus. Enjoy a productive day with Musing Office Sofa.

  • Rs.135,000.00 Rs.180,000.00

    Transform your office space into a modern, comfortable work environment with our L Shaped Office Sofa. Perfect for teams of five or more, this attractive office sofa is the perfect addition to any professional workspace. Get your office in shape today with our 5 seater L Shaped Office Sofa.