Arrange Your Office Desk | Lunar Furniture

With the help of new and inspiring desk decorative ideas, you can upgrade your office spaces well. You must not clutter up your office space with too much stuff and keep it clean and functional. A clean and professional look is necessary to maintain a good office table or home study table. The good news: it’s simple yet easy to personalize, arrange and decorate your office space so that you’re energized and productive -even if you work in a cubicle!

The trick is to not go too much with decorative and personal items and keep your workstation dedicated to work and professionalism. For that inspiring artwork or motivational quotes on the wall will go best. Secondly, you may keep your desk surface and your floor space clear of clutter, papers, and piles of books. Make sure that your space is not overburdened with useless stuff. The following stuff at your workstation will make it look more professional and makes you more productive.


1) For holding pens and pencils markers etc., you may use a funky mug or a vintage jar: you can place all the important writing stuff in a mug or jar so that you don’t need to look for everyone and they remain by your side every time you start working.

2) You can use a beautiful bowl for keeping paper clips and safety pins: to secure your important files, papers, and papers in folders, you always need safety pins or paper clips so they are a must need of your office desk. You can place it in a beautiful bowl at a side on your workstation and use it as required.


3) You might attach your business cards when giving something to anyone: Use an antique box to hold business cards: the business cards show your worth and importance of yours related to your field of work therefore they must be given by you to your customers and clients. They are also necessary because some clients need your services again in the future so they may contact you.

4) For a green and soft look, Put your plant in a ceramic planter in your favorite colors: As I mentioned earlier about artworks or quotes to motivate you, you can also put some plants or fresh flowers at your desk to give it a nice look and feel.

5) Light up the place more by bringing a lovely vase for fresh flowers: fresh flowers always work best so you can place them in a vase or pot with plants.

6) Use a beautiful lamp to light up the place: An elegant lamp is an amazing idea to glam up your office desk. Lamps work as an excellent decoration piece. It gives phenomenal look to the over the place you are decorating.

7) Use a basket or bin to help hide ugly cards: you must keep a dustbin or basket near your workstation to throw anything which is unnecessary or not required. In this way you may always have a clear desk and drawers will remain neat and clean

8) Bring in your favorite mug for coffee or tea at your desk: this is to make you more refreshed and dedicated to your work. A mug of coffee or tea will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and you may just work for long hours easily.

9) Keep your schedule organized with a desk calendar: it is a great idea to stay reminded about important meetings, events, or important occasions with a desk calendar. There is a huge variety in the market of desk calendars they are available in many different formats and colors. It is an excellent way to increase your productivity.